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Residency Global Health

The Residency Global Health is the final part of the specialization of the doctor in Global Health and Tropical Medicine. During this period the residents will practice and enhance the knowledge and skills attained, in a low resource setting. Besides clinical duties there is a focus on health promotion and prevention, health systems, intercultural aspects of healthcare, management, governance and advocacy.
The doctors rotate through at least 2 departments, depending on individual training goals and the local possibilities.

Goals and Vision

After 6 months of this training abroad, the resident should be competent at the execution of all clinical skills independently or with only minor supervision within the context of the country of the residency. This aim will be defined by the resident in a personal development plan in consultation with the local supervisor. This is done according to the competencies of the CanMEDS. 
Details on this are further explained in the document ‘General Information Training Component Abroad’.

Design of Residency Global Health

The resident doctors rotate through different departments (usually two) and are involved in preventive and curative health care delivery. These are categorized in 7 themes:
  • International priorities and Health care
  • Clinical Care
  • Health promotion, protection and prevention
  • Health care systems
  • Intercultural aspects of medical care
  • Management
  • Advocacy
Besides rotating in the clinics and participation in the on call schedule, the residents will need to complete a range of assignments, and have their clinical skills evaluated.

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