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Supervision and Assessment

The resident will be evaluated by the medical doctor who is the assigned supervisor using the assessment forms.

Formative assessment tools include: 
  • Clinical Evaluation Exercise (CEX) 4x 
  • Objective Structured Assessment Technical Skill (OSATS) 10x
  • 360 degrees feedback 1x
  • Review of performance 1x
  • Critical Appraisal Topic (CAT) 1x
  • Public Health exercises 2x
  • Assessment of competence 1x

Periodic evaluations take place after 3 months and at the end of the training period.

For more details, see the document ‘Assessment Guide’ which gives a full overview of all the formative and summative assessment tools.


All residents are obliged to keep track of their work and achievements within a digital portfolio, VREST. All supervisors abroad will receive log-in details to incorporate the assessments in the portfolio. Also, some forms are provided as download documents, in case working on paper and uploading these forms is more practical. See the English and French documents.

The residents will have worked with this VREST portfolio in the past years and are responsible for the completion of it.

Public Health Exercises (CAT)

The public health exercises are a tool to improve the public health related competencies. Through it the resident will gain knowledge on the local social determinants of health, the health system, local epidemiology and burden of disease.

The Assessment of these exercises is done making use of the CAT approach. See the form for the Public Health Exercise with the CAT. 

For further detail see the document ’Public Health Exercise Description’.

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